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My primary research interest is the applications of Operations Research in solving health care problems. My research is being supported by:

During my Ph.D., I studied Capacity Expansion. Capacity expansion problems usually include irreversible, long-term decisions which involve significant capital investment; and in today's rapidly changing environment, it is vital to take uncertainties of future demands and costs into account. On the other hand, to benefit from alternative sources of capacity, most leading companies have a combined purchasing strategy, including permanent, spot market and contract capacity. Spot market and contract capacity are temporary capacities that could be beneficial, when they have a lower price, or when there is not enough permanent capacity to satisfy the demand. My Ph.D. dissertation incorporates these capacity purchasing options into a stochastic network capacity expansion problem for the first time. This feature enables our model to be capable of handling and solving business problems that arise in areas such as fleet management, railroad transportation planning, postal companies planning, and other supply chain management problems.

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